The Secret Behind Good Content Strategy

There are literally thousands of bloggers out there right now witting an article for their site and they have never once given any thought to keyword and content strategy. This article explains the secrets of developing a content strategy to properly use a blog to drive your traffic and search rankings through the roof.

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Google’s SEO Starter Guide

Webmasters often ask, “What are some ways that I can improve my website’s performance in Google?” or, “How does SEO really work?” There are literally endless answers to these questions and for the inexperienced webmaster it can be a daunting task to filter through all the SEO advice and articles on the web.

In an effort to help people wade through all of this information, Google has entered the discussion and created an excellent resource with best practices and […]

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301 Redirect For SEO

The “301″ refers to what is called the HTTP status code. This status code is what is returned to your browser (or search engine) when a page is requested.

The most familiar status code for the average person that uses the Internet is the “404” page not found code. This happens when a page that you have requested is not found at the address that you visited.

A “301” status code means that a page has permanently been moved […]

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The Future of Search & “Off-web Factors”

Using Google Trends, you can compare the search traffic for your industry’s main phrases. Google Trends also displays data on how often specific topics appear in the news. It can even tell you which geographic regions have searched for phrase the most often.

This data can tell you a lot about your industry and the way people search within it. It can also offer some insight into the direction of future search technology.

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