Today I was working on a few minor changes to my site’s design and I wanted to add a few custom page templates to the site. I have been working with WordPress for as long as I can remember and I have used custom page templates extensively in the past. However, today I ran into an apparent bug in the 2.7 version of WordPress.

Here’s the problem…

I uploaded the new custom page template files just like I have always done in the past, but this time they did not show up as options in the WordPress admin area when I went to edit my pages. Normally the drop-down in the page edit area will provide a list of available(correctly coded) page templates. But today, this was not the case.

I did the standard web designer routine…

First: I shouted at the computer and scared my dogs (they don’t understand why I yell at the computer).

Second: I checked and re-checked that I was not making any stupid mistakes.

Third: I visited the WordPress forums only to find a few others with similar problems and no solution.

Fourth: I switched themes and see if the same problem would happen in another theme… It did.

Fifth: I switched back to my main theme and… Presto! Suddenly the pages were showing up.

After doing a little testing I found that for some reason version 2.7 of WordPress is not finding new custom template pages automatically. It seems that currently the only way to get the script to recognize newly added template pages is by temporarily activating another theme and then switching back again. It is a major pain in the ass to say the least, but at least I found a solution and was able to finish what I was doing.

If you have also run into this problem, you likely did some Google searches and ended up here. I just hope you started with the searching online, rather than yelling at the computer like I did.