Webmasters often ask, “What are some ways that I can improve my website’s performance in Google?” or, “How does SEO really work?” There are literally endless answers to these questions and for the inexperienced webmaster it can be a daunting task to filter through all the SEO advice and articles on the web.

In an effort to help people wade through all of this information, Google has entered the discussion and created an excellent resource with best practices and tons of SEO tips and advice.

Google’s new Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide covers 12 major areas of SEO that all beginner webmasters need to know. The topics covered (like improving title and description meta tags, URL structure, site navigation, content creation, anchor text, crawability, indexing and more) apply to webmasters of all experience levels and sites of all sizes. Google has also stated that they plan to update the guide over time to keep the suggestions and technical advice current.

I can even see a use for this information for the seasoned SEO professional. Providing clients with Google’s new Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide will remove some of the mystique of SEO and inspire confidence in the consultant. It is also a great way to discourage paying clients from considering leaving a reputable company for a shady one that practices black-hat tactics and advertises “guaranteed top placements.”

What are you waiting for? Get your copy of Google’s new Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide now!