htaccess Cheatsheet

As a web developer we all have all used our htaccess file for one thing or another. However, many developers are not aware of everything an htaccess file can do for them. I have provided the following cheatsheet as a reference for a handful of these functions.

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Abstract Sports Poster Tutorial

This Photoshop Tutorial will walk you through the creation of a killer abstract sports poster design. While I am using this tutorial to show a sports subject, the techniques used can be effective for a wide variety of subjects.

If you complete this exorcise, please be sure to share your results in the comments below.

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How to Write a Direct Mail Letter – Top 15 Tips

When writing direct mail it is vital that you understand what direct mail is and how is intended to work. Direct mail is in essence a written brochure with a twist. It is a form of direct-response advertising, but unlike other printed ads it has the added goal of asking the reader to follow a specific call to action (such as send a reply card, visit a website, call you back, use a coupon, etc.). One of the most […]

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