Branded Events: Guide to Event Branding

I was recently hired to create a custom brand for a city-wide community visioning workshop. The idea was to create a custom event brand and use effective marketing strategies to create a sense of “newness” and community buy-in and trust in the event.

I decided to write about this experience and branded events to highlight the importance of branding in general and to demonstrate the entangled connection between branding a product and a branding an event.

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Multiple WordPress Sidebars

On this site that I have a slightly different sidebar for some of the main pages of the site as compared to the post pages. Using multiple sidebars in WordPress can be a great way to change the flow and design of your WordPress based website.

Some people use a hierarchy method in the naming of the template files to achieve this effect, but in my opinion it is too cumbersome for most user’s needs to do in that manor.

The […]

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